TRAV is a California-based artist who was raised on traditional letter-based graffiti. He was born in Los Angeles and raised in the agricultural town of Visalia, California. TRAV found his love for art early in life. He took to graffiti, honing his skills up and down the west coast. TRAV eventually settled in 2012 back in Los Angeles where he worked as a commercial artist. In 2013, stimulated by what he learned assisting his friend and mentor [Revok], he directed his energies into making fine art. The artist continues to work on several exterior wall projects and is making his way into the gallery world.

Inspired by the aesthetic of a prior generation, TRAV infuses vibrant, eye-catching colours into a more traditional art form. Layers upon layers of carefully placed and painstakingly painted letters comprise his newest body of work. Well versed in typography and with a keen sense of colour, form and line, TRAV pays homage to the tradition of commercial sign painting. With his innovative artistic direction and ever-evolving style, TRAV took to the galleries and looks forward to continuing to share his take on a seemingly forgotten craft.