The waking, the sleeping and all the nihilism in between

An exhibition of new works by Portuguese artist Wasted Rita

From October 28th to November 23rd 2016.

In collaboration with Underdogs gallery.
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Wasted Rita

Portuguese visual artist and illustrator Wasted Rita (b. 1988) has been amassing a huge following since starting her blog “Rita Bored” back in 2011. The self-styled “natural born agent provocateur” likes to observe, reflect, write and draw, pouring forth little gems of mordant wisdom, reflecting an unconventional upbringing in a Catholic school to the sound of Black Flag.

Her angst-ridden poetic invectives on contemporary life, popular culture, and human behavior have been finding their way into magazines, books, exhibitions and art commissions in a growing number of countries around the world.

The waking, the sleeping and all the nihilism in between

‘The waking, the sleeping and all the nihilism in between’ is the first solo exhibition in Canada by Portuguese visual artist Wasted Rita.

Conceived as an intimate reflection, ‘The waking, the sleeping and all the nihilism in between’ sees Rita delve into the depths of her inner self in an attempt to exorcise her (often troubled) relationship with people and the surrounding world – from her pet hates to her creative shortcomings, from her fundamental disbelief to her permanent feeling of displacement, from the myriad anxieties that accompany her on her daily quest to understand and fit in with the world to her failed social and interrelationship skills, from her difficulty in dealing with success and expectations to her experience of double standards and gender inequality.

Featuring an entirely new body of work materialized in a range of different media – including a much anticipated return to drawing, neon lights, painting and sculptural objects –, the exhibition expresses an attempt to move beyond the sphere of (often unreciprocated) love and the frustrations of intimacy which Rita has been exploring in recent years, to focus instead on the broader arena of social reality. Oozing an often jagged and self-deprecating humor that doesn’t conceal the seriousness behind her brutally honest quips and reflections, Rita turns the raw darkness that keeps her up at night into a fertile authorial yield that transpires genuine, unbridled, emotive poetry.

Filtered through the prism of nihilism with which she views the world, what Rita presents is a passionate, heartfelt vision, an attempt to create an alternate world that enables her to indulge in an assuaging escapism – one filled with real connections and meaningful growth, far removed from what she terms as the “gentrified emotions” that (mis)guide relationships in both the real world and the virtual world. A vision at once unique yet universal enough to resonate deeply with our very own shortcomings, helping us address and confront the inadequacies and failings we too often enough feel while facing the complex, troubling demands of contemporary life.

— Miguel Moore, Underdogs Gallery, Lisbon

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