Nous sommes fiers d’avoir co-produit cette murale d’El Mac en 2011 & publié ce projet d’édition limitée connexe en 2015…


Artgang is proud to have co-produced this mural project in 2011 &  published this related limited edition silkscreen print Miles EL MAC MacGregor in 2015. A public mural is usually the completion of a process that would involve research, studies, sketches, mock ups and elaborate execution. We found it interesting to allow this public piece to have a new and additionnal existence, years after it’s initial application.

This piece is a very meaningful mural to us and became a local landmark. It’s titled “Spirit of Summer” and was the artist’s expression of the vitality you can feel this time of year, here. Montreal is one of his favorite cities, and it seems to hold a unique creative energy. The artist also knows how cold, drab and grey it can get here when it isn’t summer, so he almost felt a sense of obligation to paint this with more color than usual. In addition, this is kind of an interpretation of a young Rose Phillips, the namesake of the neighborhood this is in, “Rosemont”.