Etienne Chartrand

Étienne Chartrand developed his art through the practice of graffiti. He draws inspiration from cartoons, the underground comix of the 1970s as well as painting movements such as abstract constructivism and automatism. Having initially studied graphic design at l’Université de Québec à Montréal, he is currently finishing his Master’s degree in painting and drawing at Concordia University. This combination of knowledges is reflected in his art, both raw and sophisticated. Placing his artistic approach in continuity with classical painting, Étienne Chartrand paints new images in which his cartoonish aesthetic confronts the height of the Renaissance. Many new concerns of contemporary painting are present in his pictorial work, even if they are not readily visible to all. His crude and hectic compositions are constructed through an accumulation of images aimed at demonstrating the power of innocence’s purity. Many objects and creatures come to life in these spaces to construct the mythology of Toondata, an anti-reality incorporated into reality.