Carlos Mare

Carlos Mare, aka Mare139, was born in 1965. He is a New York city sculptor and ainter who in 1985 pioneered a novel version of urban graffiti style writing as modernist sculpture. Throughout his 30 year career as a sculptor, Mare has brought innovation to the genreʼs aesthetic and vocabulary through his adoption of early Cubist, Futurist and Constructivist sculpture investigations which merge aesthetics between 'graffiti' styles and these seemingly separate movements.

His works are a modern physical graffiti employing constructed metal sculpture forms that become a dynamic assault to static architectural space. He calls these 'structural interventions' and, unlike the visual interventions of modern graffiti, these works are about constructed relations to space rather than art painted on walls.

Carlos Mare139 Rodriguez began his creative career during the formative years of NYC’s subway painting of 1975-1985 (the Golden Era),. He was among an elite group of artists who paved the way for the transition off subways and into the gallery world. His peers include Dondi White, Jeffrey 'Case2' Brown, Juan 'Crash' Matos and Randy 'Kel First' Rodriguez, among others. They left an indelible and influential legacy on modern urban art.

Exhibiting and lecturing throughout the US and Europe, he lends a voice to the importance of arts advocacy and art literacy to ensure and promote the rich cultural legacy of urban arts. His works have been exhibited at The Grand Palais in Paris, Whitney Museum at Philip Morris, Brighton University of Art -England, The Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art- MoCA and El Museo del Barrio in NYC.